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Qualified B2B Leads LLC is a Chicago-based sales lead generation company that was formed with one goal in mind - to deliver highly-qualified leads to companies across many verticals, and do so in a manner that is measureable, cost-reducing and guaranteed.

The company was founded after many frustrating experiences with lead vendors who simply would not put their 'money where their mouths were' by charging for every lead regardless of quality. The problem was, they wanted to shift the risk to their customers because they did not have a proven lead-generation system. At Qualified B2B Leads, we know our system works and that is why we only charge you for leads that are qualified. You should never have to pay for a junk lead. Period.

Other companies might try to rope you in with promises of large lists and lots of information for each lead, but they are not qualified. Your company has no previous relationship with any of those leads and any efforts you make to contact them will be completely cold. With our system, the first point of contact a lead has is with your branded content, so when you call on them, they already know who you are and what you offer.

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